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Quantower_How to setup Volume Analysis Tools



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Quantower_DOM Surface - The next-gen Order Flow Interface operation_usage_example
DOM Surface Trading

DOM Surface — a new and improved tool for professional analysis of order flow. It gives a key to understanding the market and allows you to see patterns and levels.

Quantower_How to setup TPO Profile Chart aka Market Profile_Full_Demo
TPO Profile Chart

Time Price Opportunity or TPO Chart, shows the price distribution during the specified time, thus forming a profile. This allows you to understand at which levels or ranges the price has spent the most time, as well as to determine the main support and resistance levels.

Quantower_DOM Trader - How to Setup Panel and Customize
DOM Trader Panel

DOM Trader Panel is Flexible and Customizable.  You can view market transparency and the exchange’s order book of resting orders with their sizes. Place, modify and execute Market, Stop or Limit orders from the price ladde

Quantower_Cluster Chart Footprint - How to set custom coloring filters
Cluster Chart (Footprint)

A brief manual about the process of filtering important levels of cluster chart using Custom visualization mode. It allows experienced traders to define the places and levels with a large volume, number of trades and delta more precisely.

Quantower_Multiple Order Entry - A brief description of the new panel functionality
Multiple Order Entry

Multiple Order Entry, which allows creating a predefined list of orders. In this video, we will show you how to add orders to the panel, combine them into groups, modify the parameters, and place them to the market.

Quantower_Time Statistics - How to Activate and Selection Various Data Types
Time Statistics Tool

Time Statistics tool (known as Bar Statistics) shows important volumetric values for each bar in a static grid-like fashion.

Quantower_Power Trades Scanner - What it is - How it works - How to use
Power Trades Scanner

Power Trades shows the zones with the execution of a large number of orders in a very short time. These zones are the result of a short-term abnormal event that is affect price changes.

Quantower_How to Synchronize Drawings between multiple charts
Drawing Synchronization

Draw on one chart and it automatically synchronizes between Multiple Charts.

Quantower_Chart Overlay - How to add multiple assets on one chart
Chart Overlay

Use the Chart Overlay feature to simultaneously compare the prices of different assets on the same chart. This will allow you to see the relationship between two or more assets.

Quantower_Technical indicators - How to Add_Manage
Technical Indicators

Add a wide list of trading technical indicators to your chart and manage them in one click.

Quantower_How to place an OCO order in Quantower Rithmic and CQG
Chart Trading - OCO Orders

Directly from the Chart, you can place One Cancels-Other (OCO) orders.

Quantower_Order Placing Strategies - How to Setup Panel for Algorithmic Order Types
Order Placing Strategies

Order Placing Strategies allows to place your orders with several predefined conditions: - Scheduled orders, can be placed at a specified time - Time Split orders can be placed via selected time interval and desired quantity sliced

Quantower_Algo - How to setup Simple trading strategy
Algo - Simple Trading Strategy

Using Quantower Algo development environment, you can create a first simple indicator, that you can use for automation process — trading strategy development and find out how to place orders, add input parameters, write logs, etc

Quantower_Spread Trading - How to create trade synthetics
Spread Trading

Spread trading is a strategy that simultaneously creates a long and short position for different assets.  Create spreads and synthetic instruments in Quantower platform.

Quantower_Excel_RTD - How to setup
Excel RTD

Real-time data (RTD) function allows you to obtain the data from another application (source) and translate it into Microsoft Excel sheets with live updates.


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